History of Terry Chamberlin

The history of my health has in some ways been simple:

  • allergies
  • fatigue
  • dry, itchy, scaly skin (my nick-name as a child was “flaky”; true in more ways than one)
  • tired all the time.

As a new-born baby, there were no night-time feedings. I didn’t wake up all night. (My mother called me her “Dream Baby.”) As a grade-school child, I came home from school and took naps on my own accord (I couldn’t make it all day without a nap). On Saturdays, I slept in until 2:00 in the afternoon. Having to get up in the morning was always hard because of the hang-over I had each morning.

As a young adult, I couldn’t hold down a regular job because I couldn’t last for eight hours.


My mother was taking too much time to give birth to me (according to her doctor), so her doctor had her drink a lot of castor oil, which he believed would induce my birth (it did).

You could have fit my mother’s knowledge of nutrition into a thimble and still had spare room.

I have clear memories of her boiling the holy heck out of a pot of broccoli until it was mush, pouring this dark green water down the sink (all the vitamins and minerals from the broccoli) and serving the rest to us because someone somewhere had said that you needed to have some kind of green with every supper. Green vegetables were not my favorite food!

Many a breakfast was a bowl of hot white rice, covered with white sugar and some milk. Mmmm, my stomach turns as I remember it! Of course, the alternative to rice was Frosted Flakes, Captain Crunch or Coco-Puffs. When I think about the amount of sugar I’ve eaten in my growing up years, it’s a wonder I’m alive.

Once, when I was 14, my father had built a small amusement park in Southern California, with rides and exhibitions. On the Grand Opening day, all the investors had come out to see the fruit of their investments.

There was a big picnic with food and beverages.

A few days afterwards, I was wandering around the park property (my family lived on it) when I came across a small tool shed. In it I found 12 cases of 24 bottles each of Coca Cola that had not been consumed on the Grand Opening day.

During the rest of the summer, I drank those bottles.

I. Drank. Them. All. Me. Sometimes 5 bottles per day.

When I was 24, I was the resident director of a private substance abuse rehabilitation center.

This was possible because I lived at the rehab center and could take breaks.

But it was becoming increasingly difficult because the program was growing; we were getting referrals from every gov’t agency in the county. We worked with drug addicts, alcoholics, the homeless and the mentally ill; anyone who needed help.

I could sleep for 12 hours and still get up exhausted. Every morning I would wake up with a hangover (although I never drank alcohol), the “Do you have to breathe so loud?” hangover.

I thought, “Maybe there’s something seriously wrong with me”, so, not knowing any better, I went to see a doctor, then a second and a third. This was when I discovered that, if a doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with you, he doesn’t say, “Gee, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!” He says, “It’s all in your head!” All three doctors told me it was all in my head.

Wow, a condition that I was born with was all in my head?

I remember coming out of the last doctor’s office feeling hopeless. I looked up at the sky and said, “God! If the doctors don’t know, what’s left?”

A week later I found a book at a yard sale titled, “Body, mind and sugar”. It was all about hypoglycemia, and I was on every page! (Holy Cow! Someone wrote my biography!?!)

This author said, “Try this: For 5 days, eat no sugar. Nothing sweet. No fruit, no breakfast cereal, no honey, no maple syrup, nothing sweet.”

I thought, “I can do that.”

By the third day I was waking up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, jumping out of bed, ready to get going. I had more energy than I knew what to do with.

And I felt HAPPY. I felt wonderful, marvelous, liberated, energized, motivated, eager and grateful.

I thought, “Wow, the doctors don’t know everything!” None of those doctors ever asked me one question about my diet.

From that moment on, I read everything I could beg, borrow or steal (almost) that had anything to do with health, but NOT from the medical perspective. Natural Health.

From time to time, someone would say, “Boy, I’m sure struggling with (whatever their problem was).” I would say, “Hmm, I remember reading about that. Try this.” They would come back and say, “Wow! That worked! Thanks so much!”

Increasingly, more and more people were seeking me out for help with various health issues.

I realized how much I enjoyed helping folks with their health, so I decided that I needed more education than just reading everything I could find (beg, borrow or steal) about natural health.

So I went to school and got my Batchelor of Science degree in Nutrition, then another school and became a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

But something was bothering me. I was finding many health gurus who all claimed they knew how everyone should eat, and they all had collections of testimonies from folks who had experienced dramatic improvements in their health.

But they couldn’t all be right because many of their diet philosophies were totally incompatible with and mutually exclusive of the other diet philosophies. You couldn’t be a vegan and also eat the Paleo diet.

Then I found a book about a man named Dr. Carey Reams.

Dr. Reams developed a urine/saliva testing procedure that I have named Metabolic Bioanalysis (not what he called it).

This next is from my article, “Bioanalysis”.

“Metabolic Bioanalysis was first developed in the early 1930’s by the late biophysicist/biochemist Dr. Carey Reams. Early in his career, Reams had earned a reputation for his work in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. Dr. Reams would test and analyze a farmer’s soil, and when the farmer would follow Reams’ recommendations for treating and restoring the soil to optimum productivity, the farmer would frequently experience up to a five-fold increase in crop production. Dairy cows fed with grain that was grown on this improved soil were known to produce 3-5 times more milk than ordinary dairy cows, and the milk was noticeably sweeter and creamier.

“In the late 1930’s, Dr. Reams had a neighbor who had a little boy, 3-1/2 years old, whom the doctors said was having epileptic seizures. The doctors had told the boy’s father that his son would not live beyond the age of 5, that one day he would go into a seizure he would not recover from. At this time the boy was having 8 seizures per day, and medicine had no effect. Dr. Reams took the principles of biochemistry that he had developed in the field of animal husbandry and applied them to human biochemistry. Dr. Reams (not a medical doctor, but a biochemist/biophysicist) took samples from the boy’s body of everything it was possible to get a sample of and discovered that all the test results were duplicated in urine and saliva. (Reams believed he was the first person to ever do hair analysis). He made suggestions to the father of diet changes and supplements. After one month, the boy was down to one or two seizures per day, and after three months, all seizures had stopped. By 1968, Reams was traveling 150,000 miles per year as an agricultural consultant. After he retired, a 20-year old girl with Hodgkin’s disease came to see him, telling him that the doctors had given her 30 days to live. He tested her, made recommendations, and she recovered. After that, people began to seek him out in large numbers.

“As Reams’ reputation spread and the demand for his attention grew, he decided to teach his analysis method to others. Though Dr. Reams died in 1988, today his bioanalysis method is practiced and taught by his many students throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Dr. Reams raised six children to adulthood, and none of them ever had a cold, ever had a cavity, ever missed a day of school in their lives! (They were all honor students, too.)

“People would come to Dr. Reams and say, “I’m experiencing such-and-such a symptom, what do you think I should do?” Dr. Reams would say, “I don’t know, I haven’t tested you. Don’t tell me your symptoms, I don’t trust symptoms. I only want to see what your test numbers are. The numbers never lie.” He had no favorite diets (except good, natural food), and he didn’t believe in consuming unnecessary nutritional supplements. His philosophy was, find out what your body needs, supply that to your body, and you will experience better health.”

After reading the book about Dr. Reams, I thought, “This is the way to do it! Instead of saying that everyone should eat a certain way, find out individually what each person needs! Brilliant!”

The first problem was learning how to do what Dr. Reams did. After much searching, I eventually found some of Dr. Reams’ students who were teaching his testing methodology.

In addition to the initial training at the two Natural Health schools I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I completed the Biological Theory of Ionization Course taught by Dr. Sandy Beddoe (one of Dr. Reams’ top students). I also participated in the intensive, hands-on, week-long training by Eugene Reams, Dr. Carey Ream’s son (who ran Dr. Ream’s retreat). In addition, I received off-campus training from Dr. Joseph Manthei, who for many years was Dr. Carey Ream’s closest associate in his practice and lived with him at his retreat for the last nine years of his life, and his best student.

I feel like I have the best, most satisfying, fulfilling job in the world!

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