Terry Chamberlin
Founder, The Natural Health Library

Terry's Philosophy Regarding This Online Community

This website was created because of the overwhelming response and success Terry had with his Facebook group (called by the same name, The Natural Health Library). The philosophy he shared there still holds true for his online community at this website.  Please read this page in its entireity; you’ll find that while the verbiage reflects his sentiments regarding the Facebook groups to which he belonged, the information applies to this website as well. If you disagree with Terry’s pilosophy, then perhaps this is not the place for you.If you agree with this philosophy, you likely will feel very much at home.


I would like to state my group philosophy here.

I was once a member of a FB group about colloidal silver (CS), but got booted off because I kept posting responses to non-CS questions (Natural Health), and because of my position on the attributes of CS itself, which differed from the administrators of that group.

So I started my own Facebook group. That group was open to a much wider range of topics of discussion than a colloidal silver page would be.

It’s all about health: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Topics that I would discourage much attention being paid to would be stuff like politics (“Who did you vote for?”), child-rearing (although I am against emotional/physical abuse and highly in favor of love and affection) and religion.

Please understand, in my mind, there is a difference between being religious and being spiritual. For me, being spiritual is having an interest in and an attraction to the spiritual dimension, where God is, and where everything that really matters comes from – love, honor, truth, justice, beauty, compassion, etc.

Religion is the human attempt to control the spiritual (organizations, offices, titles, shame, blame, guilt, rules, condemnation).

For me, spiritual means an active, ongoing love relationship with my creator and is an integral part of my health. Religion would be if I tried to shove that down other people’s throats.

There are numerous members here who basically agree with me about the spiritual dimension, but aside from generic references to it, I resist discussion of that topic in this group.

Although I do not attend any church organization meetings, I am a Christian in a way that touches every part of my life: emotional, physical, mental, relational, financial, etc.

I have another Facebook group (New Koinonia) for the purpose of discussion of the spiritual aspect of life from a Christian perspective, both for those who want to share from their own positive experiences and for those who need encouragement and support.

If this interests you, please feel free to join this other group.

I have developed attitudes and convictions regarding food, diet, supplements, therapies, etc., that I believe are important for good health and that have worked for me. Religion would be to insist that other folks follow what has worked for me.

Each of us must learn to listen to our own bodies. You may have noticed, you cannot win an argument with your body!

I am not the Great High Health Guru who knows all things (that would be God). I do have extensive training and experience in the natural health field, but I am myself a permanent student, always eager to learn more.

I want a discussion environment here with this mantra: “We are always free to disagree!” (Nice cadence, eh?)

It is perfectly ok to say, “I disagree with you, I see it differently.” It is NOT ok to say (or imply), “You’re a jerk for your opinions.”

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